How To Entertain Your Audience with An Explainer Video

Sometimes bringing in marketing information to the audience can be challenging. They see it as a tedious promotional tactic that the brand only wants their money. These repetitions are what make it difficult for marketers to start another campaign.

If you face this hurdle in your business, you definitely need a brand-new approach that amazes your audience. One of the best methods is to incorporate an explainer video on your business branding.

Surely, you’re not foreign with this type of marketing strategy. An explainer video is known for its effectiveness in capturing the audience’s attention in seconds. Why is it so appealing to use?

An explainer video includes a sequence of visual and robust storytelling in animation or live-action stage. Unlike your old-fashioned marketing tactic, this short-form video can represent your brand in an entertaining way—making it one of the best campaign options ever.

Why Using An Explainer Video?

Just like its name, an explainer video aims to convey a brand’s message concisely. It’s well-known to use it at the introductory phase in a company. However, there are other benefits you should know aside from representing your brands well.

1. Increase brand awareness

One of the biggest challenges of new business owners is the lack of brand exposure at the early stage. This problem can affect businesses severely if marketers fail to pay attention closely.

This is where an explainer video comes in handy. It helps businesses increase exposure and reach out to a broader audience. Thanks to its short-length, an explainer video can easily get spread through multiple online channels.

Without you even realizing it, more people are going to watch the video and make it an ample opportunity to increase awareness.

2. Boost SEO

An explainer video is a moving picture that represents the long-form textual content way more interesting. Adding a well-researched video on your website can help Google search engines identify the content. The more relevant your video is to the users’ search, the higher chance of getting a better rank on the search engine result page.

Besides, the video presence will make the web visitors stay longer than the other way round. The long duration can also increase your page and web rank as the chance of a high bounce rate is lesser.

3. Bring in more conversion rates

Not only is an explainer video entertaining for the audience, but it also brings in more leads than the other marketing tactics. The reason relies on the call-to-action inside the video. This part is essential and forms in many types, including a specific button/text and a subtle narration.

This call-to-action is the first gate where you can meet potential customers. You can define what kind of call-to-action to attract the audience to act immediately. An explainer video allows you to be creative with the call-to-action that eventually gives you more close deals.

Is Your Brand Qualified?

So, now you’re tempted to try out an explainer video to get the most of it. Indeed, even most companies have practiced this marketing strategy to elevate their businesses. However, is an explainer video applied for all types of business?

1. Check your brand’s value

It may sound a bit understatement at first, but it’s as equally important as researching your market. Sometimes, a brand has its own voice and value that getting into a different move may harm the name. For example, if your business has a reputation for being fun and exciting, making an entertaining video won’t do badly for you. In contrast, you’ll sharpen your branding with this type of marketing video.

However, if you’re known to be in a serious or motivational mode, it’s best to incorporate that vibe more interestingly with an explainer video. Don’t force a fun tone in your brand just for the sake of entertaining your audience; in fact, it brings more harm than good.

2. Know your audience

Understanding who’s your audience and their behaviors can help you decide what kind of tone your marketing campaign should be. It also allows you to know whether a new marketing approach is successful or not.

Test the water

An explainer video is a widespread tool for every business to elevate sales fast. Its short and handy features help the companies explain who they are in a simple, meaningful way. Not to mention, it’s entertaining for the audience as this marketing video includes animation or live-action on its production.

If an explainer video excites you to get started, you can always jump in anytime. However, as it may sound interesting as ever, it’s best to do it with the expert. After all, it’s your money on it, and you hope for its success. Check out what we can do for you to get an insight into what a good marketing video should be.


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